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Unlimited Base Jungle & Fossil : Master Wants List

Here is a compiled list of the cards that I still need to complete Base, Jungle, and Fossil. I will keep this Ctrl + F friendly. If you have any holo rare or rares in near mint condition that are not on the list, feel free to make an offer as I may want to replace the one I currently have with one in better condition.
I am looking for cards in near mint condition. I will also consider gently played condition.

I am mostly only looking for UNLIMITED edition cards, as I don't really want to pay the 1st edition or shadowless premium ^^;; An exception is of course Base Set Machamp.

How to sell to me:
- Please make your offer on this post.
- Buying from Pkmncollectors members ONLY.
- Please let me know the condition your cards are in!

Please note that all pkmncollectors rules will apply here.

I may not be able to fully commit to purchasing your cards right away!

Without further ado, onto the wanted cards! Thank you ahead of time for your offers!

All pictures are borrowed from Bulbapedia.

EDIT: Big thanks to majora1990 for donating a large portion of cards to my collection! Including Gyarados Holofoil, many rares, commons, uncommons, trainers and a sealed Jungle Booster Pack!!

I will update this list as often as I can when I recieve cards by crossing out the names and removing the photo!

☆ B A S E  S E T ☆

Base Set 1/102 Alakazam Holo Rare

Base Set 2/102 Blastoise Holo Rare

Base Set 3/102 Chansey Holo Rare

Base Set 4/102 Charizard Holo Rare (oh boy...)

Base Set 5/102 Clefairy Holo Rare

Base Set 6/102 Gyarados Holo Rare
Got it!

Base Set 8/102 Machamp Holo Rare

Base Set 9/102 Magneton Holo Rare

Base Set 10/102 Mewtwo Holo Rare

Base Set 11/102 Nidoking Holo Rare

Base Set 12/102 Ninetales Holo Rare

Base Set 13/102 Poliwrath Holo Rare

Base Set 14/102 Raichu Holo Rare

Base Set 15/102 Venusaur Holo Rare

Base Set 17/102 Beedrill Rare Yay!!

Base Set 19/102 Dugtrio Rare Yay!!

Base Set 21/102 Electrode Rare

Base Set 22/102 Pidgeotto Rare

Base Set 23/102 Arcanine Uncommon (IN TRANSIT TO ME)

Base Set 29/102 Haunter Uncommon

Base Set 33/102 Kakuna Uncommon

Base Set 36/102 Magmar Uncommon

Base Set 37/102 Nidorino Uncommon

Base Set 39/102 Porygon Uncommon (IN TRANSIT TO ME)

Base Set 45/102 Caterpie Common (IN TRANSIT TO ME)

Base Set 49/102 Drowzee Common

Base Set 51/102 Koffing Common

Base Set 64/102 Starmie Common

Base Set 70/102 Clefairy Rare Trainer

Base Set 71/102 Computer Search Rare Trainer

Base Set 72/102 Devolution Spray Rare Trainer

Base Set 73/102 Imposter Professor Oak Rare Trainer

Base Set 74/102 Item Finder Rare Trainer

Base Set 76/102 Pokemon Breeder Rare Trainer

Base Set 78/102

Base Srt 79/102 Super Energy Removal Rare Trainer

Base Set 82/102 Full Heal Uncommon Trainer

Base Set 83/102 Maintenance Uncommon Trainer

Base Set 84/102 PlusPower Uncommon Trainer

Base Set 85/102 Pokemon Center Uncommon Trainer

Base Set 86/102 Pokemon Flute Uncommon Trainer

Base Set 88/102 Professor Oak Uncommon Trainer

Base Set 89/102 Revive Uncommon Trainer


Jungle 1/64 Clefable Holo Rare

Jungle 4/64 Jolteon Holo Rare

Jungle 5/64 Kangaskhan Holo Rare

Jungle 6/64 Mr. Mime Holo Rare

Jungle 7/64 Nidoqueen Holo Rare

Jungle 8/64 Pidgeot Holo Rare

Jungle 9/64 Pinsir Holo Rare

Jungle 10/64 Scyther Holo Rare

Jungle 12/64 Vaporeon Holo Rare

Jungle 13/64 Venemoth Holo Rare

Jungle 14/64 Victreebel Holo Rare

16/64 Wigglytuff Holo Rare

Jungle 19/64 Flareon Non-Holo Rare

Jungle 20/64 Jolteon Non-Holo Rare

Jungle 21/64 Kangaskhan Non-Holo Rare

Jungle 22/64 Mr. Mime Non-Holo

Jungle 25/64 Pinsir Non-Holo

Jungle 26/64 Scyther Non-Holo Rare

Jungle 27/64 Snorlax Non-Holo Rare

Jungle 31/64 Vileplume Non-Holo Rare

Jungle 32/64 Wigglytuff Non-Holo


Fossil 2/62 Articuno Holo Rare

Fossil 3/62 Ditto Holo Rare

Fossil 4/64 Dragonite Holo Rare

Fossil 5/62 Gengar Holo Rare

Fossil 9/62 Kabutops Holo Rare

Fossil 10/62 Lapras Holo Rare

Fossil 11/62 Holo Rare

Fossil 14/62 Raichu Holo Rare

Fossil 18/62 Ditto Non-Holo Rare

Fossil 22/62 Hitmonlee Non-Holo Rare

Fossil 25/62 Lapras Non-Holo Rare

Fossil 28/62 Muk Non-Holo Rare

Fossil 30/62 Zapdos Non-Holo Rare

If you got this far, thank you so much for looking! I appreciate it!
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