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Kids figures - looking to buy!

Hello everyone! I hope you had a nice holiday!

I have accumulated a need for some kid figures so i decided to put it all in one post! I am looking to buy these, but I am on a budget so I will have to in moderation!
I live in 60404 US, and would prefer to buy from the US! I will consider international offers though :)
You can comment or PM me if you'd like!

Here is my feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/0fabliau/

I'm currently looking for the following either with their box and sticker OR unopened in box! I am not looking for loose kids as I already have them! I just really want the box and sticker!

- D&P 3 Shinx!
- D&P Attack Pose 2 Luxio!
- D&P 4 Luxray
- sitting Luxio
   I don't know which series the sitting Luxio is from!
- XY Espurr
- XY Meowstic M
- XY Meowstic F

Clear kids:
-Luxray D&P 4 clear kid
-Shinx D&P 3 clear kid
- sitting Luxio clear kid
- standing XY Luxio clear kid (if it exists)
- Epsurr clear kid (if it exists)
- Meowstic M clear kid (if it exists)
- Meowstic F clear kid (if it exists)

Thanks for looking!

Tags: espurr, figures, kids, luxio, luxray, meowstic
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